Activities & Fellowship

DG's Official Visit

February 22nd 2012 - Wednesday

District Governor, the RI officer of the District usually visits all the clubs under his care during his year of Governorship. One of the main purpose of his visit is to share RI President's vision and the theme for the year "Reach Within To Embrace Humanity". Being the only representative of the Rotary International in this district, he is the best person to answer any issues or concerns related to Rotary International.

This year the visit  is scheduled on 22nd February 2012, one day before the 107th Rotary's birthday. The programme usually starts with a lunch hosted by the club and attended by the DG, AG,Board members and Past Presidents. The programme then continued with a meeting chaired by the DG and attended by the President, Secretary and the Treasurer.   During this meeting, the Elected office bearers will be able to raise any questions or clarify any concerns with regards to the Club affairs, District affairs or any issues or ideas with regards to Rotary International.

Meeting with the New Generation, the Interactors and the Rotaractors will take place at around 4pm followed with a Club Assembly joined by all members of the Club. The official meeting of the club will start at around 7.30pm.The Spouses and guests are encouraged to attend the Club Meeting. DG's official and motivational address will be during this meeting, in which he speaks on the theme and goals of Rotary International and Rotary Foundation.

The fellowship starts soon after.