President's Message

Mr Angelo Nicholas John Baptis

Strengthening our club’s membership is very important for incoming club presidents, it's critical. For membership to grow, we Rotarians, must be willing, for example, to be more participative and be more stringent at club meetings and make other efforts to accommodate a younger, digitally oriented demographic to perpetuate a more stronger and vibrant club .

Seventy percent of Rotary members are 50 years or older, while half of the world's population is under 30, according to Rotary leaders. The contrast shouldn't be something to fear, but rather something to embrace, a reality in most of our clubs with exception from the new generation clubs.

To engage this young demographic, staying relevant is crucial. At our club level we need to rethink and challenge to endeavor to do that: recalibrate, re-engineer, and reposition. My wish is that we take this up as a point a reflection during our club team building event in November.

But relevance does not necessarily involve compromise, where the the values, priorities, and commitment of Rotary should never change. From our readings we know that "Any organization that is willing to compromise its DNA in order to stay relevant never lasts. After all, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." The question here than is “What is our commitment and our desire as club?” This we need to spell out very clearly for the future.

We need to be voices for doing everything we can in Rotary, not just everything that's comfortable or easy or the way things have always been done in the last 25 years of being charted. We need to be advocates for thoughtful, positive, and lasting change. We have a great tradition here at RCBS, we made it, we own it -- it doesn't own us; if it no longer serves its purpose, we can change it for the better to that call of being “relevant and recalibrate."

We need each one of us to make that necessary step to promote and bring one new friend into our club in order to be more vibrant and relevant. The past is history, but the future is what we need to look at. YOUR CHOICE?


“Be The Inspiration”

Yours in Rotary,

Angelo Nicholas President, 2018-19