President's Message

I am very charged about the coming year as President of our club. I am esteemed to have been selected as the President for RY2016/17.  Every year, I am thrilled to meet our new members and work alongside the very existing Rotarians who have become my friends.  As the President, I will feel I have been successful if we all can accomplish 2 things: Have Fun and Love Rotary. That’s it.

We can’t lose sight of the reason Paul Harris endowed Rotary, 111 years ago, which  is still very much the reason people come to Rotary today: to find people who share their values. People who believe in honesty, diversity, tolerance, friendship, and peace, and who believe that in line with John F. Germ’s motto, serving humanity is the most worthwhile thing they can do with their time on this earth.

I assure you that I believe in the service mission of rotary, and we will continue to serve our community — but there is no point to service if you are not having fun and loving the club.

One of our goals for RY2016/17 is engagement—to share stimulating messages from speakers, to work together on committees to fundraise for club projects, mentor students, and provide direct services in our community, to spend time together socially and get to know one another better, to develop business relationships that further our own careers and those of others, and to make a meaningful difference in our community and world. Our mission is to strengthen our community by joining as leaders to exchange ideas, form enduring relationships, and create positive, lasting change locally and around the world through service to humanity.

Theres an old African proverb that says ‘ Individually we can travel fast, but together we can travel far.’ We have to go far by finding ways to change our members consciousness about exactly what we are facing, and how we have to work to solve it. 

A great dream requires a great team, hence my humble request is that each and every one of our members to join forces with me and my board to make a lasting impact through our service to humanity in OUR highly esteemed ROTARY CLUB OF BANDAR SUNWAY.


President Jude Anthony